Our Motto

First, responsible for our customers,
Then responsible for the person that we serve for.
Responsible for our partners.
Absolutely our suppliers and distributors should have chance to acquire reasonable profit.


Responsible for our parents and our close relatives.
Responsible for all our colleagues,
Each person must be treated as an independent unit.
We must stick up for their dignity and praise their strongpoint.
We must make them feel that they should be responsible for their work with reasonable salary,
tidy and safe working environment.
We must make the staff speak freely when they put forward their suggestions and complains.
We must try our best to help our staff fulfill their responsibility for their families.
We must have qualified managers.
To each qualified staff 
we must give them equal choice to be employed, to develop and to be promoted.   
Our behavior must be equitable and virtuous.
Then keep our promise and reputation
Responsible for what we have done.


Responsible for the society we live and work with.
Strive to protect our shared environment and nature resource 
Pay for tax actively
Apply ourselves in philanthropy 


we should be responsible for our company and all shareholders.
We must keep improving our achievement, 
try to lower operation cost and ensure profits.
We must try new proposition and developing new project
Be responsible for our tomorrow!